The Carnival of Silver Skates has been a tradition for the town of Groton for many years. It is an eventfull and festival event that all can come watch and enjoy in the chilly temps of winter.

The carnival consist of skaters from all ages and a snow queen, voted by the skaters. When the Snow Queen is elected the Junior and Senior candidates push the queen in a sleigh around the rink.

The carnival is based on a theme. One year the theme was colors on the ice. The skaters performed to songs that were based on colors. And the costumes were relevant to dress up in that color of the song. Our group did pink by aerosmith and our costume was all pink.

The carnival is an winter event that has been a tradition for years and for many years to continue. The carnival provides a fun and positive community enjoyment for the youth. This is a performance that is also organized by a volunteering committee and let the skaters show what talent and skills they have on the ice.

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